Use the power of film to get your story out.

Community Filmmaking is a new method of visual communication that deeply connects the subjects of a film project with each other and with the audience. Today, we carry video technology with us on our phones, tablets, and pocket-sized cameras. How about using that simple and available tech to promote your business or nonprofit through story?

The film Piglets & Perspectives is the result of bringing together a group of farmers to share their sustainable practices. With easy to use Flip cameras, each farmer shot film clips on their farm that answered the question: “What do you do that is sustainable and why is it important?”

Together, these farms tell the story of what is going on in sustainable agriculture on small NH farms. The film highlights what makes each farm unique and reveals their farming philosophy. The story is engaging, funny and poignant.

To find out more about Community Filmmaking, contact Milkweed Cottage.