Milkweed Cottage jewelry is handcrafted in a small studio in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Each piece is created from glass that is shaped by hand using a kiln (fusing) or small torch (lampworking).

Artist Dyanna Smith works with silver and glass in a retro and romantic style, preferring simplicity of design with color carrying the focus.

Milkweed Cottage is named in honor of her endless childhood quest for milkweed – the host of the seemingly elusive monarch butterfly caterpillar. Dyanna is finishing her PhD in Environmental Studies, and recently introduced Milkweed Green, an eco-friendly line of glass jewelry using repurposed bottle glass.

“As a scientist I often find myself distracted by the designs around me: the curve of a spotted salamander, the brown and teal iridescence of a beetle’s shell. I use that now in my art.”

Signature50percentYou can find Dyanna’s current work for sale online at the Milkweed Cottage Etsy site, or at any of her upcoming shows.